Prevents the formation of bound chlorine and trichloramines

Radical improvement of water and air quality in swimming pools, while simultaneously reducing operating costs by up to 50% compared to standard disinfection technologies
Very short return on investment: 8 – 16 months
Water quality suitable for toddlers and asthmatics
Very simple and quick installation in new and existing pool water treatment plants (Plug & Play system)


A unique combination of UVM and ozone


Step 1

dissolved ozone

Step 2

UV radiation + dissolved ozone

Step 3

AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process)

Up to 50% reduction in operating costs in public swimming pools

LifeOX technology significantly reduces consumption of energy, fresh water and chemicals.

60% reduction in carbon footprint

Lower operating cost lead to a higher reduction in the carbon footprint. Plus for visitors, pool owners and the our planet.

Increase in number of visitors

Healthy and clean water in the pool is a common dream of visitors and owners. Higher traffic will also bring more profit.

Investing in better technology pays off

Public swimming pools return in as little as 8-16 months.

We used LifeOX technology in aqua parks, swimming pools for the babies, whirlpools, swimming ponds and aquaculture. The number of visitors to the aqua parks has increased by up to 300 % over 3 years.

How can LifeOX do all this? Purely naturally, without added chemicals. Experience the power of physical water treatment.


The AOP process is the best technology for treatment of your and your clients’ pools – water without hazardous substances and completely healthy. This is our LifeOX®M technology, proven by our clients since 2007.

The LifeOX® M modular system adjusts any water flow, up to 250 m3/h per one system

Easy and fast installation

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Storage tank
  3. Circulator pump
  4. Filter
  5. LifeOX® M .EP unit
  6. pH adjustment
  7. Chlorine dosage

Crystal clear
and healthy water

Proved since 2007

Pool water without the most harmful Trichloramines

Pool water without the typical pool odour

Also suitable for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and toddlers

Typical return on investment is between 8 and 16 months

Increased number of visitors due to healthy water and air

Suitable for swimming pools for toddlers, whirlpools, aqua parks, aquacultures and swimming ponds

Did you know? The most serious health risk in swimming pools is a compound called Trichloramine. It is present not only in freshwater pools with classic chlorine disinfection, but also in saltwater pools.

Low pressure UV-C Ozone – high dose Medium pressure UV LifeOX®-M
Preventing trichloramine formation No Medium No Excelent
Trichloramine elimination No Very High Excelent Excelent
Water Disinfection High Excelent Excelent Excelent
Algae inactivation Medium Excelent Very High Excelent

Independent measurements at the public swimming pool in Bismo, Norway, year 2007

Bound chlorine [mg/l] (occurrence of trichloramine)

But above all removes from the water the substances from which Trichloramine is formed and thus prevents its formation. Therefore, it is the most effective technology for pool water treatment.

”Magic” of AOP is OH- radicals. Extremely short service life. Extremely efficient.

The lifetime of OH- radicals is extremely short; the entire water purification process takes place inside the UV reactor within milliseconds. The treated water exiting the reactor does not contain any OH- radicals. The traditional use of ozone or UV technology alone does not guarantee the micropollutants being completely eliminated from treated water. The AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) is ideal for removing such micropollutants.

DIN 19643 (ozone technology)


Ozone DIN LifeOX® M
Necessary space 100% 10%
Investment cost 100% 60%

1. Swimming pool
2. Storage tank
3. Circulator pump
4. Filter
5. LifeOX® M .EP unit
6. pH adjustment
7. Chlorine dosage
8. Compressor
9. Air dryers / oxygen generator
10. Ozone generator
11. Ozone reaction / degasing tanks
12. Active carbon filters

The most compact AOP device on the market. Easy installation even in existing technologies.

A unique combination of UVM and ozone